Protection For What Matters Most


At Line of Fire we offer a variety of protective equipment, including hard and soft body armor systems, tactical vests, carriers and rigging products. We use only the highest grade of materials including Spectra Shield, Gold Flex, spike-resistant Kevlar®, engineered alloys and composites and MIL-SPEC outer materials.


All of our products are designed in consultation with field professionals and engineered for a proper fit with unmatched comfort and reliability. They are manufactured in Canada to strict quality standards and put through rigorous field testing to ensure they meet our acute performance criteria. With top quality innovative fibers and composites, attention to detail, modern design methods and our advanced research and development team, you can be assured that you are wearing some of the best protective equipment available.


So, no matter what the level or type of threat, Line of Fire can provide advanced protection capabilities and superior performance while offering the comfort of proper fit, durability and convenience – and ultimately, peace of mind.



quanto2Our thoughts are with Edmonton Police Service dog Quanto, his handler Matthew and their family.  Click here for the National Post article detailing Quanto’s bravery.